Chinese Egg Drop Soup

By | December 20, 2014

Chinese Egg Drop Soup







Egg drop soup is one of the most popular items on the menus of Chinese restaurants across North America and beyond. This humble soup requires little more than chicken broth or stock and an egg or two to make something special out of the ordinary. By slowly incorporating and swirling eggs into the hot broth, little flowers of egg thicken the soup like noodles and give it added substance and flavor. I like to add chopped scallion and a drizzle of sesame oil just before serving. And this soup stands up well to experimentation, so feel free to add a spoonful of chopped parsley, ginger or some cooked shrimp or chicken to make a heartier version.


1 quart chicken broth or chicken stock
2 eggs at room temperature
1 scallion, green part sliced into thin rings
Sesame oil to finish

Egg Drop Soup Ingredients








How to make Chinese Egg Drop Soup (serves 4)

Pour the chicken broth/stock into a saucepan or stock pot and bring to a boil

Pour chicken broth into a saucepan








Beat the eggs in a small bowl

Beat Eggs








When the stock is boiling, slowly pour the eggs into the soup and stir in a circular motion with the tines of a fork or chopsticks until thin threads of cooked egg form in the liquid
































Take the soup off the heat and add some chopped scallions








Pour into bowls, making sure that each diner gets plenty of egg “flowers” in his or her soup, and drizzle sesame oil over the top



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