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Chicken Stock vs Chicken Broth – Does It Matter What You Use

Chicken Stock vs Chicken Broth  Is Chicken Stock and Chicken Broth the Same? If you look on any supermarket shelf in the soup aisle, you will surely find a variety of chicken stock and chicken broths. There are a lot of choices and it can be confusing trying to determine whether stock or broth is better. But is… Read More »

22 Ways to Make Better Soup Today

You’re probably like me when it comes to cooking – always looking for ways to make things better. When it comes to soup, there are lots of ways to improve preparation, presentation, flavor, texture and final results. Here are 22 suggestions for how you can start making better soup today. Filter your water – Let’s face it, much… Read More »

6 Dried Herbs Every Soup Maker Needs

  When making soups, I believe that fresh ingredients generally yield the best results. But there are many times when we don’t have ready access to fresh herbs or only need a small amount for the job at hand, so we reach for a jar of dried herbs. Fortunately, many dried herbs maintain much of their true flavor… Read More »

Getting Organized in the (Soup) Kitchen

Here is a video tip to help you get organized in the kitchen and keep all your soup-making ingredients easy to find.