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Chili with Ground Turkey, Roasted Red Peppers and Roasted Garlic

Here is one of my “go-to” chili recipes when I’m serving company or other folks who like chili but can’t tolerate the heat of chipotles or spicy chili in general. The key to this is the roasted red peppers and garlic. They create a rich depth of flavor, with a hint of smokiness that doesn’t go overboard. The… Read More »

Bloody Mary Chili – Spicy with V8 Juice

Here in Wisconsin, the Bloody Mary cocktail is serious business. Many bars and restaurants fiercely defend their reputation for serving the “best” or “biggest” bloody in the area. Some of these cocktails are taken to such prodigious levels that the beverage becomes almost a meal in its own right. Overstuffed glasses brim with everything from hard-boiled eggs and… Read More »

Chili Con Carne 1970’s Midwest Style

  This is a recipe for chili very similar to what I ate at home and at my grandparents’ table while I was growing up in Ohio during the 1970s. There are probably a thousand different versions of this mildly spiced chili that were made in homes all across the Midwest during the decade of leisure suits –… Read More »